Thursday, 28 June 2012

Everything in Life Has Potential

It is a tragedy to know that with over five billion people on this planet today, only a minute percentage will experience a significant fraction of their true potential. Perhaps you are a candidate for contributing to the wealth of the cemetery. Your potential was not given for you to deposit in the grave. You must understand the tremendous potential you possess and commit yourself to maximizing it in your short lifetime. What is potential, anyway?

Potential is dormant ability, reserved power, untapped strength, unused success, hidden talents, capped capability.

All you can be but have not yet become. All you can do but have not yet done. How far you can reach but have not yet reached. What you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished. Potential is unexposed ability and latent power. It is also important that you never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life that never realized its full potential. You must decide today not to rob the world of the rich, valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within you. Potential never has a retirement plan.

To simplify this concept let us look at one of the most powerful elements in nature, the seed. if I held a seed in my hand and asked you, "What do i have in my hand?" what would you say? Perhaps you would answer what seems to be the obvious, a seed. However, if you understand the nature of a seed, your answer would be fact but not truth. 

The truth is i hold  a forest in mt hand. Why? Because in every seed there is a tree, and in every tree there is fruit or flowers with seeds in them. And these seeds also have trees that have fruit that  have seeds, that have trees that have fruit that have seeds, etc. In essence, what you see is not all there is. That is potential. Not what is, but what could be. God created everything with potential, including you. he placed the seed of each thing within itself (Genesis 1:12), and planted within each person or thing He created the ability to be much more than it is at any one moment. Thus, everything in life has potential.


  1. This is another wonderful piece....Look at all what I have been missing. Thank God, I am finally hear. God bless you Dr. Myles....keep it coming...

  2. Dr. Myles has been a blessing to this world in many different ways. I pray God will continue to uphold him & his entire ministry & crew(Family & well wishers).

    I just finished one of his numerous books - Unleash your purpose! I have attended his preachings and many leadership teaching in Europe, he is a man of honour & spiritual motivation for all true believer of Jesus Christ.
    Some People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. Jesus is Lord!
    God bless you papa!