Friday, 31 August 2012

Who Are You?

A sculptor works in a very interesting way. I'm an artist of sorts, so I have a bit of an understanding how artists work. one thing I have learned is that you never argue with an artist until he is finished. Don't discuss anything with a painter or  sculptor until his work is completed. An artist can be very rude if you disturb him before he has accomplished what he intends to do, because he sees differently than those who are not artists.

An artist can walk by the stone in your front yard and see a figure in it. He may stop by your house and beg you for a stone you have walked past many times without noticing. The dog may have been doing stuff on it. You may even have been planning to get ridof it because it's a nuisance. But the artist walks into your yard and sees something beautiful in that stone beyond what you can imagine.

Two months later when the artist invites you to his workshop he says, "Do you see that? Do you know where that came from?"
 "England or France?" you ask.
"No," says that artist. "It came from your yard."
"Do you mean....?"
"Five hundred dollars, please."
You were sitting on $50. The dogs were doing stuff on $500. But you couldn't see the potential in the rock.


  1. always a blessing,you are my inspiration,thanks for this great piece again.